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Membership with Collect! provides value in software upgrades, discount pricing for additional seats, modules and technical service, downloadable extras and full access to all the Member Center resources.
“ This superior collection system has great built-in accounting, letter batching, and an efficient To Do list. ” Penny P.

Quick User's Guide

The User's Guides will familiarize you with the layout of Collect! and how to navigate within the program: assisting you with utilizing the functions and functionality you need to run your business.

Working With Collect!

Quick User's Guide
This manual is a general introduction to the Collect! software and basic tips for navigating through and within the program.

User's Guide - Orientation
The User's Guide begins a more in-depth coverage of the software, introducing you to the user interface and operational details.

User's Guide - System Administration
This user's manual is for personnel who will be responsible for configuring your site's operational preferences and day-to-day systems management.

User's Guide - Office Administration/Clerical
This user's manual is topically designed as instruction and reference materials for users whose job functions are in the areas of support staff, clerical/data entry, accounting and office management.

User's Guide - Working Accounts
This manual is for collectors/tracers, collection managers, auditors, operations/project managers and all management levels. It provides the fundamentals of debtor screen content and navigation as well as basics on the subject of working accounts in a WIP list.

Collect! User's Guide PDF
Links to a PDF that is downloadable from the Members Center, containing the core guides which you can provide to your staff as orientation or quick reference materials they can keep on their desktops.

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The following are Help page links to additional and related topics to help get you started.

Topics Collections
These links cover aspects needed to know for the optimal running and maintaining of Collect!. Topics included are Installation, Network Setup, Security, Web Host, Database Management and Optional Extension Modules.

Report Writer Reference
Advanced technical quick list of printing codes and symbols used for report writing.

Starting Right
This video in FLASH format introduces you to the areas and advantages of Member Services.

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