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How To Use Hyperlinks In Help Pages

Collect! help pages are built with its own high-powered work-horse page generator. It scans the entire knowledge base before building Help and then it makes a list of everything it finds. When the generator builds the pages, it uses this list to make live links to other pages that are related to the page it's building.

tip.gif New users should read the help page that they are on rather than selecting the live links contained in the page. These may take you to related areas but in the beginning they tend to be confusing and are best left alone.

Advanced Users: Thousands of active links all through the help pages take you to other pages with related information. Sometimes this is necessary to get all the parts of a particular topic. Some topics are really complex and besides, there are a lot of features in Collect! that have more than one use.

These subjects can't always be covered in one topic. Use the links to get to other aspects of the subject you're studying.

tip.gif The internal process of recognizing matches depends on many factors. For this reason, it may seem occasionally, that hyperlinks are not highlighted appropriately for your needs. This tends to confuse new users. It is best to read through the topic you are on rather than selecting all the live links.

Examine the How To Topics on the left hand side for additional topics and also the See Also section at the bottom of most help pages.

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