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Status Bar

The status bar shows various aspects of program status. These are itemized below.


This is the current mode you are in. For example, when you are picking from a list, mode indicates Selecting, and Collect! responds differently to a single mouse click than if you were browsing in the list.

Browsing - single click opens the form for the selected list item.

Editing - anything you type will go into the database.

Selecting - single click picks the selected record and closes the list.

Locked - click here to unlock a locked record.

Phone - click here to hang up the phone.

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This field identifies the current type of record or form title. This is the record you'll add or delete when you press F3 or F7.

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B - Browsing, nothing has been changed

E - Editing, record can be edited

M - Modified and not yet written to disk

S - Search criteria (F6) are active.

I - Insert - when you type, characters after the cursor are pushed ahead.

O - Overstrike - when you type, characters after the cursor are overwritten.

T - Writing transaction to disk. A critical instant in time for the database.

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Messages And Prompts

This area may give you directions or tell you what the program is doing right now.

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Progress Graph

This area displays one or more blue bars to indicate the progress of a task or procedure. The bar area fills to the right as the task is progressing toward completion. This is useful to show you that Collect! has not fallen asleep. It is working to fulfill your request.

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List Counter

When viewing a list of records, the lower right hand section of the Collect! windows displays the current record number on the left and the total number of records in the list on the right. If you select a number of records, the counter is updated to display the number of tagged records in the list.

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