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File Menu

The File Menu contains basic program control commands for file and database management.

Commands include:

- Save
- Open File
- Import/Export
- Maintenance
- Upgrade Database
- Exit

tip.gif When a menu item appears to be grayed out, this means you cannot access the item at this time.


Collect! typically saves any changes you make, automatically. In some cases, you may want to force the issue by selecting the Save command. If your area is prone to power fluctuations or your system seems to crash intermittently, you may want to force a Save more often.

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Open File

Selecting this option will bring up a the Open File dialog which displays files that you can select and open.

Any text file can be selected and edited on the screen and then saved.

This function is a quick and easy way to edit a letter or attachment previously printed, even if it was printed by a program other than Collect!

tip.gif This feature has one limitation. If you try to open a huge file it may abort. If you use this feature, be aware to select smaller files.

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Selecting this option will open a submenu of choices related to the import and export functions. These include importing data into Collect! from other sources and exporting data from Collect!. Some of these functions require the purchase of the optional Import/Export module.

Select this option to export your database prior to upgrading to a newer version of Collect!

Also, you may select this option to customize import/export routines previously designed for you, design a new import map, or update the import field definitions list. This assumes you have purchased the Import/Export module.

tip.gif Import/Export is an OPTIONAL module. You may need to purchase this option, depending on your original purchase. Please call Comtech Systems Inc. for pricing information. The Import/Export module is enabled in the Demo database for your examination.

Importing Reports and Contact Plans is part of the standard Collect! program, not the optional Import/Export module.

* To import or export Reports within Collect!, select Print from the top menu bar and then select Customize Printing from the drop-down choices. This will display a submenu where you may import or export report templates.

* To import or export Contact Plans within Collect!, select System from the top menu bar and then select Contact Management Settings from the drop-down choices. This will display a submenu where you may select View Contact Plans, Import Contact Plan or Export Contact Plan.

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Database maintenance procedures are available with this command.

These include verifying database integrity and correcting any errors caused by system and network failures. This should be done on a regular basis, especially for larger databases. Once a week would be optimal.

Select this option to snapshot your core database files or to rebuild Collect!'s internal printing, access rights and field definition lists.

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Upgrade Database

This selection allows you to easily upgrade your database to a newer version of Collect! This assumes that you have previously exported your database using the Export Database function.

tip.gif When the database is open, this selection is disabled.

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This command exits the program.

You can use this command throughout the system.

tip.gif ALT + F4 exits you immediately after saving and closing necessary files.

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