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Print Batch

You can print batches of letters and reports whenever you are viewing a list. This is a very powerful function when used in conjunction with the F6 Find command, and serves to reduce the list to records matching certain criteria.

When you display a list and then select a report to print (by using the Print menu, Report and Letters option) you will be asked if you want to print only one record or all records in the current list.

ONE prints the report or letter for only the current record.

ALL prints the letter or report for all records in the list.

CANCEL cancels the print request.

warning.gif WARNING: Some reports already perform looping. If you tell these reports to print ALL records in the list, the report will most likely print many more copies of the report than you expect. It may even be stuck in a seemingly endless loop. Choose ONE to be on the safe side if you are unsure.

Hit the Esc (Escape) key to stop a run away printing process.

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