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To write changes to the database, select the SAVE icon. Clicking on the SAVE toolbar button, near the top of the Collect! screen, will save any changes and return you directly back to the form you are saving.

If changes were made, Collect! starts a database transaction and writes the changed record to the database.

If no changes have been made to the current record, this function does nothing.

tip.gif Changes are saved automatically by Collect!, so don't worry about having to select the save button all the time. This function exists as a security blanket. It's also useful if you make a change to a record, and plan on staying on the record for a while. Then, saving your changes makes sense in case of power failure or other disaster.

After, you SAVE, you can press the ESC key knowing that your information is saved. This will close the dialog you are viewing. If you select the X icon at the top right corner the dialog, it will close the form you are looking at. If you have not saved your changes, Collect! will prompt you to do so.

Another way to save your work is to press ALT F or click on FILE from the top menu bar. A drop-down menu will display. Press S or select SAVE from the drop-down menu and you will be returned back to the dialog you are viewing.

tip.gif Then you can press the ESC key or the F8 function key to exit the form.

Pressing the F8 key saves and closes in one keystroke.


Now you have learned many ways to save whatever you may have changed on ANY dialog that you happen to be viewing.

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