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Mailing Labels

Mailing labels can be printed for Debtors and Clients.

Before printing your daily report, you will be asked to choose to print either the letters or mailing labels.

tip.gif Please print mailing labels before printing bulk letters.

Letters: This prints the letters and notices.

Mailing Labels: This prints mailing labels.

Please be sure you have the appropriate paper in the printer. If you have a separate printer for labels, you will be able to select that one before the printing begins.

You can modify the label format by using the Options menu Edit Reports option. For Debtor labels, the report name is 'Debtor Mailing Label', while for Clients, the report name is 'Client Mailing Label'.

tip.gif If you find that your labels don't line up the way you would like, there is an easy way to gain more control for a wide variety of label sizes. Please refer to How To Mail Merge From Collect! To Word for information on printing Avery labels.

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