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System Administration

The System Administration menu gives you access to specific functions for setting up Collect! to suit your requirements. You may also access maintenance functions for checking and managing database integrity.

Setup and Configuration takes you to all the aspects of tuning the system to suit your needs. It might help if you think of Collect! as a very sophisticated template. With a little thought, it is easy to make Collect! perform precisely as you wish, fully implementing your strategies.

Database Maintenance ensures trouble free operation and should be run regularly. There are many options for servicing your database to keep it in good condition. Run a standard check daily for the first week, and then weekly if no errors are reported. Increase frequency any time you find errors.

This data is your business! Please protect yourself!

Setup And Configuration

Select this button to access the System Setup area, where you can set up the operating details of Collect! to suit your company.

This includes:

- Company Details
- Report and Printing Details
- Setting up your Operators and Security
- Setting up Transactions, Debtor Status Codes
- Setting Tax and Commission Rates
- Database and Network setup
- Credit Bureau reporting setup
- Auto Dialer
- Various other system options

Please see the Help topic How To Setup And Configure Collect! for more details.

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Database Maintenance

Select this button to access the Database Maintenance functions for checking the integrity of your database. Standard checks and thorough maintenance routines can be run through this option.

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Select this button to return to the previous form.

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Press this button for help on the System Administration screen and links to related topics.

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