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TCN Topics

Today's collection environment is one in which an agency is faced with volumes of accounts that need to be worked in account-to-time ratios of hundreds per hour. A feat which collectors working accounts manually cannot possibly achieve. Automation to realize this objective is the only solution.

Higher collector-to- debtor contact percentages translate into increased recovery dollars realized AND will shorten the time in which you are able to reach incremental liquidation curve targets and milestones.

Collect! is partnered and interfaced with TCN Broadcasting. TCN is a full service provider in the areas of Predictive Dialing, Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calling. They offer solutions that encompass Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Management.

The essence of Collect!'s interface with TCN allows the end- user to seamlessly create call campaigns, upload them to TCN for dialing, then download the results into the collection accounts for documentation of the account activity. This latter augmenting your company's need to reach inventory penetration rates as required by your clients' workplan expectations.

With the flexibility provided both within Collect!'s inherent customizable call-campaign design and built-in connectivity to TCN, there is no limit to the number of campaigns you can schedule for processing on specific days, AND times of day, that are most favorable to your reaching the maximum number of debtors per campaign.

In addition to dialing services, TCN also offers comprehensive campaign analytics / metrics that will assist you in fine-tuning your strategies for increasingly improved results and supports international dialing.

tip.gif To use TCN, you must have an account with TCN Broadcasting and have licensed use for Collect!'s Letter Service and Import/Export module. Contact Administration at 250-391-0466 option 3 for for pricing.

TCN Module
This topic explains how TCN works with Collect! to schedule and process call campaigns.

TCN Setup
The TCN Setup screen is used to store the login credentials that Collect! will use to connect automatically to the TCN website whenever you need to upload a call campaign or download campaign results.

Scheduling a Call Campaign
Step by step instructions on how to create a call campaign and upload it to TCN.

Processing Results from Call Campaigns
Step by step instructions on how to download call results from TCN and import these results into your debtor accounts.

TCN Recorded Calls
Step by step instructions on how to download results that contain recorded call WAV files and import them into your system. These recorded calls can be used for quality assurance, training, evidence to substantiate call content in the event of an escalated complaint.

Customizing TCN
This topic introduces you to modifying and creating the templates, reports and imports used by the interface to enhance your dialer campaign strategies.

Process TCN Campaign in Scheduler
This topic describes how you can use the Collect! Scheduler Module to create tomorrow's call campaigns.

TCN Screens

TCN Setup
The TCN Setup screen is used to store the login credentials that Collect! uses to connect automatically to the TCN website.

Process TCN Campaign
The automation will attend to downloading call results of completed campaigns and import those results into your debtor accounts for that day's call attempt activities. Live Operator transferred calls will be documented by your team.

TCN Select Function
This is the popup window where you identify whether you will be performing a "Schedule Call" or "Download Report" task.

TCN Schedule Calls
The TCN Schedule Calls screen is where you set additional criteria and preferences regarding the individual campaign to be uploaded.

TCN Download Report
Use the TCN Download Report screen is where you input the parameters necessary to download the completed campaign results from the TCN website.

TCN Start Process
This is the intermediary screen popup you will get upon launching either an upload to TCN or download from TCN.

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