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Quitting Collect!

There is only 1 thing to remember regarding how to exit and close your Collect! session - do so 'gracefully'. This means use any one of the proper means of exiting/ending the session.

It is important for the health of your database and Active sessions registered on your Server not to power down your PC or laptop while you have an active Collect! window open. Exiting gracefully prevents database corruption and allows the Server to receive the message that you have logged off. This in turn allows the Server to release the Active User session.

To exit from Collect!:

Press Alt+ F4


Click File and select "Exit" from the drop-down menu.


Click the X in the upper right corner of your Collect! screen.

tip.gif If you have users reporting that they cannot login but all other users are functioning without issues, it is possible your Server has locked sessions from improper shutdowns. Click \System\ Network and Environment\ Active Users. If you see the same user ID multiple times and your users do not have multiple session permissions, OR user IDs that say they can't get on but their ID's are currently showing in the list of Active Users, then you have locked sessions. Have everyone log out and gracefully shut down the Server, then bring it back up again. The locked sessions will be released.

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