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You should print these reports on a daily basis.

Letter Service Module

Select Letter Service Bureau to send your daily print batches to a letter service provider of your choice.

The letter service bureau prints bulk letters very cost effectively, and offers other benefits, such as automatic NCOA checking.

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Scheduled Batch Letters

Print all letters scheduled for today's print batch. You can actually have more than one print batch in a day. You can also have collectors scheduling letters for printing today while a batch is being printed without loss of service.

Normally you print the letter batch at the end of each working day. You can print today's letter batch and letter batches for other dates, in case you don't require daily print batches.

Collect! marks letters which have been printed as done in the Debtor's Contact list.

tip.gif Letters are printed only if the Address OK switch in the Debtor form is ON (marked with an X).

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Client Acknowledgement

The Client acknowledgments report prints a letter of acknowledgment to each Client who has new Debtors listed for the day or date range.

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Daily Cash Report

The daily cash report prints a list of all Debtor transactions, account adjustments, and Client payments for the day or date range.

The resulting bank deposit is calculated for cross checking purposes.

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New Business Report

The new listings report shows a summary of all new Debtors listed for a day or date range, and the total dollar amount of the new listings.

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Operator Activity Report

This is a report of completed collector Contacts.

You can report for a single day only, or for a range of dates.

See Also:

- Operator Activity Report

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Work Cards

You can print cards for new Debtors entered into Collect! You would usually choose to print Debtor cards for all new Debtors at the end of each working day.

To print cards for Debtors listed on any date or date range:

1. Open the Print menu and select Daily Reports, Work Cards.
2. Enter a start and end Debtor list date for the report.
3. Print the notices.

To print a card for any selected Debtor:

1. Open the Browse menu and select Debtors.
2. Select the Debtor you want the card for.
3. Open the Print menu and select Reports and Letters.
4. Select the Debtor card you want and then print.

This function is available in the Print menu, Daily Reports, Work Cards option, and in the New Business menu under Debtor Work Cards.

tip.gif There are several predefined cards in the report system. The one named 'DEBTOR CARD' is the one automatically batch printed. To choose a different card, rename the card style you want to 'DEBTOR CARD' and rename the current 'DEBTOR CARD' to something else.

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