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Print Menu

The Print Menu provides easy access to most frequently used reports. Daily, monthly and analytical reports may be printed from this menu, as well as reports pertaining to the form you are viewing in Collect!. You may customize your printing settings or report templates.

Quick Print

This report prints the contents of the current form or list. Quick Print can be used on any screen containing editable fields.

All fields and lists within the form are printed in their entirety, regardless of whether they extend beyond the bounds of the screen. Please refer to How To Use Quick Printing Features for more information.

When you use Quick Print in a list, totals are calculated for all numeric fields in the list.

tip.gif If you select the PRINT button on the Print Report list, you will get a Quick Print of the Print Report list itself. You must actually select Quick Print from the list of reports to set your printing options and print the details or list that you wish.

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Reports And Letters

The Reports and Letters option displays a list of reports that may be printed from this location in Collect! Choose a report from the list and press Enter to print. If you have tagged records, the report can be printed to all tagged records. Or, if you have a list displayed, you can print to all records or just the record currently selected.

The list of available reports changes, depending on the type of record you have displayed. For example, when you are on a Client form and choose this command, a list of all Client reports is displayed. On the other hand, when you are on a Debtor form, a list of Debtor letters is displayed when you choose this command.

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Daily Reports

Select Daily Reports to print reports that are normally required on a daily basis. These include batch letters and client acknowledgments, daily activity and financial reports.

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Monthly Reports

Select Monthly Reports to print reports that are normally required on a monthly, or accounting period basis.

These include statements and checks, client status reports, and financial summary reports.

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Analysis And Summary Reports

Select Analysis and Summary Reports to print reports that provide a periodic view of your company's operations.

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Trust Reports

Select Trust Reports to print comprehensive reports of trust accounts.

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Merge Documents

Select Merge Documents to use a third party word processing template for your report. Templates get their data from a CSV file printed through Collect! or dynamically, using DDE. Please refer to the Help topic Merge Documents for details.

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Customize Printing

Select Customize Printing to edit existing reports and letters or create new ones, to import or export report templates, to create a new report library or load an alternate report library, to print all reports or a selection.

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Select Settings to set choices relating to printing, to view or modify printer control codes and rebuild the printable information list.

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