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Daily Batch Processing

Collect! provides batch processing functions that enable you to manage your accounts quickly.

Scheduled Batch Letters is used to print your daily queued letter batch, output a file to letter service, print mailing labels and set other choices to control what is printed in the batch.

Batch Processing opens the Batch Processing form. There are many processes that may be performed in a batch. Run a contact plan on a batch of accounts, perform automatic scheduling, assign accounts to operators, group accounts together, prepare accounts for reporting to credit bureaus.

Please press F1 for more information when you are on the Batch Processing form.

Calculate All Totals lets you recalculate your financials. You are able to recalculate interest, fees, debtor totals and client totals for a chosen date range. Please press F1 for more information when you are on the Recalculate Totals form.

tip.gif Batch processes may tax the system heavily, simulating the actions of one hundred users at a time! For fastest batch operations, use EXCLUSIVE mode. You can speed this up even more if you run batch processes from your Server, using LOCAL protocol. Please refer to Help topic, CV11 Server Options for details.

Access Daily Batch Processes from the Main Menu, Daily Administration button.

Scheduled Batch Letters

Selecting this button allows you to print the scheduled batch letters and reports that have been flagged to be done today. You can select further options when the Batch Letter Options form is displayed.

You can schedule a letter to be printed to a Debtor in the daily print batch by using Contact plans or by manually creating a letter Contact.

tip.gif When you print your letter batch to a letter service bureau, the system will only print those letters that have a letter number.

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Batch Processing

Selecting this button takes you to the Batch Processing form, which allows you to set up batch processes on various types of information automatically and efficiently.

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Calculate All Totals

Selecting this button takes you to the Recalculate Totals form, where you will be able to select the recalculating functions you wish to perform.

tip.gif Please be aware that account Mode determines whether or not accounts are recalculated. This is set in the Mode field of the Debtor form.

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Selecting this button will take you to the previous form

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Press this button for help on the Daily Batch Processing screen and links to related topics.

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