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Reports And Letters

The Reports and Letters option displays a list of reports that may be printed from the form you are viewing in Collect!. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Reports and Letters from the drop-down choices to use this command.

The list of available reports changes, depending on the type of record you have displayed. For example, when you are on a Client form and select this option, you will see a list of all reports that may be printed from the Client form. On the other hand, when you are on a Debtor form, you will see a list of all reports that may be printed from the Debtor form.

Select a report from the list and press ENTER to begin the printing process. Depending on the report you have selected, additional prompts may be displayed.

If you have tagged records, the report can be printed to all tagged records. Or, if you have a list displayed, you can print to all records, or just the record currently selected.

tip.gif Reports and letters may not be edited from this option. If you need to edit a report or letter, please select Print from the top menu bar and then select Customize Printing from the drop-down choices. Then select Edit Report Templates from the submenu.

Quick Print

At the top of the list of reports, you will always see this option. This report prints the contents of the current form or list. Quick Print can be used on any screen containing editable fields.

All fields and lists within the form are printed in their entirety, regardless of whether they extend beyond the bounds of the screen. Please refer to How To Use Quick Printing Features for more information.

When you use Quick Print in a list, totals are calculated for all numeric fields in the list.

tip.gif If you select the Print button on the Print Report list, you will get a Quick Print of the Print Report list itself. You must actually select Quick Print to set your printing options and print the details or list.

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