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Menus access various commands in the system. You can activate the menus wherever you are in the system.

Activate Menus With The Keyboard

1. Press the ALT key and the underlined letter of the menu. For instance, press Alt + F to open the File menu.

2. Then use the arrow keys to scroll down the list of options.

tip.gif If an option has a RIGHT ARROW at the end of it, this means that there is another submenu.

3. Press the Right Arrow key to go into an option's submenu, if it has one.

4. Press Enter to activate the option you have chosen. It is the highlighted item.

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Using The Mouse

1. Click the left mouse button on a menu. This will open the submenu.

2. Click the left mouse button on an option to activate it.

3. Click the left mouse button outside of the menu to close it.

The program will run the command you choose. Inactive options are displayed in a muted color.

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Finding Help

tip.gif If you have popup help enabled, you can hold your mouse over a menu option to find out what it does. You can also hold your mouse over any field, button, or menu item to find out information about the item.

When a menu is activated, (i. e. selected), press F1 for a list of all the things that menu and its options can do. This is a very good way to get acquainted with Collect!. Most of the operations that you will perform can be accessed through various menus and their options.

If you are viewing a menu and several of its options are "grayed out" and cannot be selected, this means that they are not available at that point or that access has been set on the option.

tip.gif If you are an administrator, you will be interested to know that you can limit access to menus and options.

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