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Contact Plan List

The list of all Contact Plans currently in your database can be viewed by selecting View Contact Plans from the Contact Management Settings submenu.

tip.gif Review the documentation on Using Lists for very helpful tips on how to use a list efficiently.

There are column headings for each column of contact plan information. Each column heading is actually the name of the field on the contact plan form. If you change the field label on the form, the next time you view a record list you will see that the field label change has applied to the list column heading as well. The default columns listed are Code and Description.

By default the list will display in alphanumeric order of the Code column. The active column is the Code column. By immediately typing a contact plan Code, Collect! will scroll to the contact plan that is the closest match.

You can very quickly navigate to a specific contact plan in this list. Selecting a contact plan will open the contact plan to view, edit, delete or you can create a new contact plan.

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