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How To Schedule A Letter Contact

This document steps through scheduling a single Letter Contact on an account.

Perhaps you want to send a letter to a Debtor. Rather than printing it at once, you may want to put it in your print queue. We use the Contact form to select a letter and schedule it to be printed in the daily letter batch. This process requires some familiarity with the Debtor form - to access the Contact form, and with reports and letters - knowing which letter to schedule.

There are many different kinds of Contacts that may be scheduled to create an event on an account. They deal with all the types of interactions you may have with a debtor. Some very common examples are a Letter, a Review, a Promise to pay, and a Phone call.

tip.gif From the Contact form, press F1 to see a complete description of each of the types of contacts you can schedule. The Contact form is very flexible and displays different information depending on the type of Contact you schedule. We will not go into details that are contained in the F1 help available from the Contact form.

Accessing The Contact Form

1. Select the Browse menu and then select All Debtors from the drop-down choices. This will display the list of all debtors in your system.

2. Select a Debtor from the list or press ENTER to open the Debtor form for the highlighted list item.

3. Once the Debtor form is displayed, locate the Contacts button in the lower right section of the form.

4. Select the Contacts tab to open the list of contacts made for this account. If there are no contacts in the list, you will be prompted to create one. Select YES to open a new Contact form.

5. If there are items in the Contacts list, select the NEW button at the bottom of the list, or press F3, to open a new Contact form.

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Creating The Letter Contact

Several fields on the Contact form fill automatically with information from the Debtor account you are on. We will accept these defaults but you may change the settings, if needed, when you create your contacts.

1. Click in the field labeled Type to view the list of Contact types. Use the PageUp or PageDown key to see the whole list. Select 'Letter' from the list.

2. Select the down arrow at the right end of the field labeled Description to view the list of all reports and letters in Collect!.

3. Select the letter you want to send and its description will display in the Description field. This description is used by the system to determine which letter to print.

4. Fill out other fields as needed.

The Contact's Due Date determines when the letter will be printed. The default is today and the letter will be printed in today's Scheduled Batch Letters.

If you want to assign this letter to another Operator's WIP List, select the down arrow next to the field labeled Collector to view the list of operators and make your selection.

5. Press F8 to save this Contact and return to the Debtor form.

6. The letter is now placed in the print queue to be printed when you run your daily letter batch.

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