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This page links to topics related to setting up and using Collect!.

The topics are divided according to the most usual delegation of tasks to agency personnel. If your operation functions differently, the topics are described with intent/purpose and you may direct different departments of your office as needed to the subjects of interest.

Section A - System Administrators

This section contains topics that cover the overall setup of Collect! and customization for your particular needs. It is recommended that this setup is performed or supervised by the person you have designated as primary liaison between your office and Collect! Technical Services.

View: Training Manual - Section A - System Administrators

Section B - Office Managers

This section contains topics that cover day-to-day Operations Management. If you do not have an Operations Manager, then this section is recommended reading to your designated System Administrator(s). There is also important content for Accounting Managers/Comptrollers, Data Entry Personnel and Collections Management personnel.

View: Training Manual - Section B - Office Managers

Section C - Collectors / Operators

This handbook is reference material for your collectors. It does not deal with any setup matters. It explains the basics of using the system strictly for their job function.

View: Training Manual - Section C - Collectors

tip.gif Before giving your collectors the handbook, make sure that you have already configured the system to your company's specific needs, including assigning all Access Rights privileges to the users. This means all areas in Sections A and B above have been looked after by your designated Systems Admin staff. It is imperative that prior to usage of Collect!, you have completely setup all aspects to suit your company's preferences FIRST.

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