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Welcome to the Collect! Tutorials.

Several videos covering the basic functions you will be performing every day are available in FLASH format. When you press the PLAY TUTORIALS button below, the Quick Tour web page will open. Select the videos that you want to view.

You must have a sound card installed to play these files.

Playing The Tutorials

tip.gif These videos require the free Adobe Flash Player. You can download this from the Quick Tour page.

Several videos are presented. Each video has a Table of Contents. You can view the entire presentation or review a section of interest to you.

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Entering Company Details

This video shows you where to enter the details of your Company information so that it is available for printing in reports and letters. Other settings may be set at the company level. These are shown in the Company Details video.

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Entering A New Client

This next video shows you how to begin entering your business into the system. The Client is entered first and then you can enter several settings in the Advanced section, such as setting an Operator ID for new accounts and a contact plan to run when new accounts are entered for this Client. These settings will carry into each Debtor that you enter for the Client.

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Entering A New Debtor

Once the Client is entered, creating a new Debtor is next. We proceed with demonstrating how to enter new accounts for the Client. There are many fields on the Debtor form. Each one is explained in this video.

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There are many features and functions in Collect!. Some of the basic ones are covered in the tutorials to get you started using the system and finding your way around. We are updating this section and will be adding new videos in the near future. Check back often! Visit our Technical Services site for additional information.

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