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The Collect! Member Resource Center is there when you need assistance 24/7/365. Online Help and the access to the technical Support Ticket system are always open. Our technicians are on 3 continents to better serve world-wide needs in any timezone.
“ Hosted Collect! has saved us time, money, and worry on IT. We no longer have to concern ourselves with keeping a server up and running, replacing aging hardware, managing database backups and facilitating remote access for management/offsite employees. Maintaining a stable internet connection is all that is needed to keep our agents connected and productive. ” John Y.

Training Manual - Section A - System Administrators

This Training Manual covers the topics your System Administrator needs to be conversant with in order to configure Collect! to function to your individual company's specifications. The 1 or more persons who will be the System Administrator designates are also generally the liaison(s) who will be the point(s) of contact between your company and Comtech Technical Services.

In addition to initial setup, the manual covers topics that will serve as ongoing reference in the learning of, and normal course usage of Collect!.

It is important to fully attend to the setup of Collect! prior to allowing your employees to begin using it. This is because there are several key functionality choices that will impact program behavior that need to be made in advance if you are to obtain the desired types of results, output and function.

Installation And Setup

Install Collect! For The First Time
How To Setup And Configure Collect!
Setup Checklist
How to Enter Your License
How To Setup Company Details

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Operator Setup

User Level
Access Rights
Form Rights
Security And User Levels
How To Setup Operators
How To Setup The WIP List
How To Set Field Or Form Properties
How To Setup Auto Dialer
Copy Operator Configuration
How To Modify Or Create A Pick List

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Reports And Letters

How To Setup Reports And Letters
Report And Printer Setup
How To Copy Reports To Master Database
How To Import A Report
How To Export A Report
How To Create A Letter
Report Definition
Report Body
How To Design Reports And Letters
How To Add Formatting To Your Designs
Printer Control Code
Printable Fields
How To Setup Check And GCheck
Report Sample
Report Topics Index
Report Writer Reference

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Financial Setup

Transaction Type
How To Setup Transaction Types
Payment Posting Options
How to Setup Amortized Interest

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Client Setup

How To Setup Client Settings
How to Setup Invoice Numbering

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Debtor Setup

How To Setup Debtors
How To Setup Debtor Status Codes
How To Setup Account Matching
Group Member Setup

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Contact Plan Setup

How To Copy Contact Plans To Master Database
How To Import A Contact Plan
How To Export A Contact Plan

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Email And Dialer Setup

How to Setup Sending Email In Collect!
How To Setup Auto Dialer
How To Use Predictive Dialer

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Help Pages

How To Enable HTML Help in Collect!
How To Use Hyperlinks In Help Pages

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Additional Options

Working With Archived Accounts
Introduction To Additional Options Setup

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Networking And Technical

Command Line Startup Options
Basic Networking For Using Collect!
Backing Up CV11
How To Get Help With Network Problems
How To Get Help When You Get System Db Error Messages
Database Maintenance

tip.gif For the faster approach and shorter learning curve, contact us for pricing to have one of our training specialists conduct subject specific Remote Session training live with your staff. Video the session for future use and enhance your dollars spent to value extracted ratio.

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