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Introduction To Additional Options Setup

When you obtain a license to use one of Collect! optional modules, you will want to examine the requirements for using the module effectively. If you have no need for any of these modules, you can skip the rest of this section and proceed to Getting Started or to another topic that is important to you.

If you will be using one of these optional modules, please refer to the setup needs for that specific module. Some modules require a bit of system setup that a technician can complete without using Collect! Then, with a bit of Collect! experience, your users can begin to use the new functions licensed to your company. However, other modules, for instance, the Import/Export module, may require that you know files, file types, what "data" is, and that you have some experience moving data from one program to another.

Setup and Usage are two different areas. Your technician can set the module up, and then your manager can show the users how to use the new module to suit your needs.

Most of the modules are simple to set up, and only need to be set up once. Hardware changes or vendor changes require only a quick review of the setup to make the transition smooth and transparent to the user.

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