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How To - Upgrading Topics

Introduction To Upgrading
A short introduction that you will want to read before getting started. Those of you who have never upgraded should definitely read this page. Experienced users will also benefit from the information.

Preparing To Upgrade Your Database
A MUST READ! Proper preparation is necessary for a successful upgrade. These are MUST DO steps. If you confidently complete the steps in Preparing To Upgrade Your Database, you will experience a smooth and easy, problem-free upgrade process.

Backing Up CV11
This is a very simple way to back up your Collect! system before you perform an upgrade.

Areas To Note When Upgrading Collect!
These are very important pages. There are enhancements to Collect! functionality with every new release. Using the information here, you will be able to address all needed areas when you examine and test your successfully upgraded database.

Upgrading Your Collect!
Links to help for easy upgrading every major version of Collect!.

Troubleshooting Upgrading
Some of the issues users have encountered when upgrading databases. Being aware of these issues may help you avoid some of the most commonly reported complications.

Install CV11 Patch
Steps you through applying an upgrade patch to your Collect! server or client installation.

Automatic Client Update
You can automatically update your CV11Client installations whenever your Server CV11 is upgraded. This topic explains the CVSYNC process.

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