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How To Get Help With Network Problems

This topic gives you very important step by step instructions for supplying details to Technical Services when you need help with your network or when you are experiencing network-related problems.

What We Need To See

To resolve any network issues quickly and efficiently, our technicians must speak directly with your technicians. Experience has shown us that those with little or no experience in network setup have difficulty implementing our suggestions.

Please help us save you time and spare you frustration. Only phone us when your experienced technicians are on hand and ready to attempt the solutions we suggest. We are sure you will find this method works best for everyone.

Before your request or problem is addressed, Comtech will ask that your technician supply us with the following information. When we are fully informed we can proceed to help you. You may be referred back to this document if necessary for us to obtain required information.

Click here: Network Details

Print out the form. Have your network technician fill it in and fax it to Collect! Technical Services. Be sure to include the VERSION and BUILD of Collect! that you are running.

What version of Collect! are you running? Please pull down the Help menu at the top right of the Collect! screen and choose ABOUT. You will see the VERSION and BUILD that you are running displayed at the top of the box About Collect!

We can address your questions much more efficiently if we have the details of your network settings in front of us when talking to your technicians or responding to them by email.

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