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Training Manual - Section C - Collectors

This handbook is reference material for your collectors. It does not deal with any setup matters. It explains the basics of using the system strictly for their job function.

tip.gif Before giving your collectors the handbook, make sure that you have already configured the system to your company's specific needs, including assigning all Access Rights privileges to the users. This means all areas in Sections A and B above have been looked after by your designated Systems Admin staff. It is imperative that prior to usage of Collect!, you have completely setup all aspects to suit your company's preferences FIRST.

The manual covers topics that will serve as ongoing reference in the learning of, and normal course usage of Collect!.

Getting Started

How To Sign On
How To Start Using Collect!

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Working With Collect!

Field And Column Icons
Keyboard Tips
How To Use Pick Lists
How To Use The Attachment Form
How To Use The WIP List

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Working With Data Entry

How To Schedule A Letter Contact
How To Schedule A Phone Contact
How To Schedule A Review Contact
How To Enter A New Debtor
How To Post A Transaction

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How To Use Quick Printing Features
How To Print Debtor Letters

tip.gif For the faster approach and shorter learning curve, contact us for pricing to have one of our training specialists conduct subject specific Remote Session training live with your staff. Video the session for future use and enhance your dollars spent to value extracted ratio.

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- New User Basics

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