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License Information Basics

The casual copying and sharing of software between unlicensed users continues to plague the software industry. As a software publisher, we rely on the revenues derived from the sale of licensed software to further develop and deliver affordable, high quality software products to industry.

We design, develop and publish software for a price that translates to pennies per use. Unfortunately, some people still insist on 'getting it for nothing'. Our philosophy is simple - give people the highest quality software for the lowest possible price.

We want to continue providing you with affordable access to the world's greatest software. Please respect the terms of our License Agreement, and do your part to Help stamp out software piracy.

As is normal with most software, to help protect our users and ourselves, we have a license scheme. The license is issued for a particular date, version of Collect!, number or users, the features you have chosen, and machine/server. When you purchase Collect!, you only need to purchase features that fit your company and the number of users you require. The license is issued for those specific needs.

Demonstration License

We allow as much time as possible for you to thoroughly test the product. Once installed, this system operates as a fully functional Demo for up to 30 days. There are two limits with a demonstration license. Any reports or letters printed will say "Collect! Sample" across them. Also, if you use the import module with a demonstration license, you are limited to the predefined import maps and a maximum of importing 25 records. The import will display a message informing you that you have exceeded the number of records that can be imported using a demonstration license.

When there are seven days or fewer remaining in the demonstration period, the Welcome to Collect! screen will display a License Remaining box with the umber of days remaining until your Demo license expires.

3 Days Remaining in License

After the demonstration period has expired, you will require a license to continue to use the software. You will be presented with a Request License message so that you may purchase a license.

Request License message

You will not lose any data entered during the trial period. Of course, once the 30 days has expired, you will be unable to gain access to the data until you are licensed.

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Collect! Licenses

While finances and administrative issues are settled, temporary timed licenses are given to new users or current users who have purchased software add-ons. Then a yearly license is given to the client. If you add modules or users during the year, a new license will be issued.

When a temporary license has been issued to you, our Admin staff monitors this and will send a new license at the appropriate time, so that your work is not interrupted.

If after some time, you begin to notice a License Remaining box in the Welcome to Collect! screen, you will be in the final days of your license. When you have 0 days remaining, you have entered the 14 day grace period until your license actually expires.

You have 0 days remaining

Please make sure you get in touch with Comtech immediately, if you see this message, so that your work is not interrupted! If your license actually expires, you will be presented with a Request License message. Simply select the REQUEST LICENSE button to submit an order to renew your license.

Request License message

Please refer to Troubleshooting License,

  • If you have trouble entering your license
  • If one day you come to work and you see the Request License message.

The troubleshooting topic covers all the reasons why these events happen. It will most likely resolve your license issue, or will point you in the right direction for resolving the issue.

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Web Host License

Every Collect! User License gives you an equivalent of two web users. For your Clients signing into the Web Host, please see Web Host Client Access below.

For example,

Single User License or Demonstration License

Start Collect! and sign in. You have just used up your single user license.

Start Collect! Web Host instance only - 2 web operators will be able to access the database. No users can start Collect! and sign in as an internal user.

Two User License

With no regular users signed into the database,
Start Web Host - 4 web operators will be able to sign in.

Start Collect! normally as an internal user.

One user signs in - you still have 2 web operators.

Two users sign in - You have used up your licenses. No web operators are able to sign in.

Three User License

Start Web Host - 6 web operators will be able to sign in.

Start Collect!

One user signs in - you still have 4 web operators.

Two users sign in - you still have 2 web operators.

Three users sign in - You have used up your licenses. No web operators are able to sign in.

So, if everyone has signed in and everyone is working, whatever licenses you have left over can be doubled and that is how many users can sign into Collect! using the Web Host. The Web Host itself counts as one user. But once it is started, you will be able to have 2 users sign into Collect! from the Internet.

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Web Host Client Access

With Collect! Version and newer, an optional module enables you to have unlimited Client sign ons to your Web Host. With " Web Host Client Access" enabled, Collect! will only count normal users of your system when figuring how many users can sign into Collect!. Client users accessing the Web Host will not be counted when Collect! calculates the total number of your active Web Host and Collect! users signed on.

Web Host Client Access is an optional module available in Collect! Version and newer.

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Accessing License Information

To access the License Information form:

Start Collect! and stop at the Welcome To Collect! screen. Select the button labeled License to open the License Information form. If Collect! opened bypassing the Welcome To Collect! screen, please refer to Troubleshooting License so that you can modify the CV11 shortcut.

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See Also

- License Topics

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