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How To Set Field Or Form Properties

Modifying Collect! Forms And Fields
Introduction to modifying form and field properties in Collect!

Rebuild Lists
Rebuilding the list of access rights for all forms and fields.

Changing Labels And Color

Explains the use of aliases for fields and forms.

Changing A Field Label
Explains how to change the label that is displayed for an individual field when you open a form in Collect! Changing form titles is also covered.

How To Change Labels On The Attachment Form
Explains how to change several labels at once using a control file. The Attachment form is used to demonstrate the steps taken and the results.

Changing Field Background Color
Explains how to change the background color that a field displays in when a form is opened.

Language File
Explains how to write and read a language file to change many field labels in your database at one time. This is very useful for international situations where users are not primarily using the English language shipped by default in Collect!

How To Copy User Levels
Copying, creating or deleting a user level.

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Verifying And Logging

Prompt To Verify Field On Exiting A Form
Steps for setting up Collect! to prompt the user to confirm that important information is entered on an account.

Log To Notes
Steps for setting up Collect! to log to Notes any changes made to selected fields on the Debtor screen.

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List View, Pick Lists, Control Files

Customizing List Views
Explains how to change columns that display in lists such as the list of All Debtors or a debtor's list of Contacts. You can Move, Insert or Remove fields from the List View using the steps provided.

How To Modify or Create A Pick List
Adding a pick list to a field.

How To Use Pick Lists
Details for using pick lists effectively.

How To Use Control Files
Explains some of the ways you can use control files.

How To Attach A Control File
Adding a control file to a form or a field.

How To Change Tab Order
Explains how to change the tab order on any form in Collect!

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Access Rights

Changing A Field To Read Only
Explains how to change the access rights on a field to Read Only. Changing a form to Read Only is also covered.

Change Debtor Notes To Read Only
Explains how to change the access rights on the Debtor Notes to Read Only so that new note lines may be added, but existing notes cannot be edited or deleted.

Hiding Tabs on Debtor Screen
Explains how to hide the tabs on the Debtor screen.

Access Rights Topics
Introduction to the forms and areas of Collect! where properties are set.

Permissible User Functions
Explains the behavior of different user access rights settings when applied to menus, forms or fields.

Preparing To Make Changes To Access Rights
Explains getting ready to make changes to access rights.

Making Changes To Access Rights
Explains the methods you can use to make changes to access rights.

Troubleshooting Access Rights
Discusses issues that may arise when you modify access rights to forms and fields.

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