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Report Sample

Collect! prints the wildest things quickly and efficiently.

Click The Link To View Sample Reports

View Scanned Report Samples

We have a variety of sample reports and letters for you to load into Collect!. These are categorized, and you can view a scanned image of each report or letter.

Visit our web site where additional material is displayed as it becomes available.

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Using The Sample Reports Index

Available sample reports and letters are listed by category in the index that is reached when you select the link above. You can view the scanned report or letter image, view report or letter requirements, and download the report codes to import into your database.

tip.gif Please note these reports and letters may not be suitable for your state or country. These are examples only. Please see our Legal Disclaimer before using this software.

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Viewing Codes For Sample Reports

To view the codes for a particular sample report, click the small diskette icon at the bottom of the report's description. The codes for the report will be displayed on your screen.

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Downloading Sample Reports

To download a sample report, Right click on the small diskette icon and a submenu will appear. Select " Save Target As." This will allow you to choose a location to store the report's *.rpt file. The Desktop is the best place to send it for easy retrieval during the importing process. Before closing the Save As dialog, make sure the Save As Type reads "All Files." Then follow the steps provided in How To Import A Report.

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