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New Features - 11-3 Build 11

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.3 Build 11. This latest version has several new features and functionality, as well as several optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Create Copy On Repeat

Create copy on repeat functionality has been expanded to include all types of contacts processed through the Tools, Batch Processing, Process Automatic Contacts Previously Scheduled option. This enables you to automatically track account activity for all the processes you may run on an account.

All automated types listed in the Select Contacts to Process choices are handled. This includes Activate, Commission, Rate Plan, Transaction, Plan, Status, Operator, Sales, Edit, Note and Close.

Please refer to Help topic, Event for details.

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Client Letter Contacts

When letters and reports are printed to Clients, Collect! will now process the Letter Contacts just as it does for Debtor Letter Contacts. A Metafile will be created and a Note will be written. When printing directly from the Client, a Letter Contact will be created, just as when printing from the Debtor.

Please refer to Help topic, Comprehensive Correspondence History for details.

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Print To Email Metafiles

When you print a letter to " Email," Collect! will now store the letter contents in the Letter contact just as it does when you print a letter directly to the printer. This functionality is enabled in all printing options, that is, printing directly from an account, printing in daily letter batch, printing through the Scheduler and also, printing "Email to SMS." Email metafiles are not created if the client has "Disable metafiles" switched ON.

This works for both Debtor and Client contacts.

Please refer to Help topic, Comprehensive Correspondence History for details.

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Note Block Search

This new feature enables you to apply search criteria when printing Debtor or Client Notes. This is very powerful for examining and reporting account activity. You can retrieve note lines with a particular Status, Operator, or Date/Time range . You can parse Notes text for key indicators or information. You can also use the Note Block as a nested loop within a Debtor or Client loop for printing Notes from several accounts in the same report.

Please refer to Help topic, Notes Printing for details.

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Enhanced SSL Encryption

Collect Web Host now supports 5 SSL encryption methods. The Web Host's default SSL encryption method is SSL 2.3 with 256 bit encryption. Methods SSL2.0, SSL2.3, SSL3.0, TLS1.0 and DTLS1.0 are supported. To enable a specific encryption method, please see Help topic, Web Host Setup and Testing.

The Web Host server will display the active encryption method in a field under the new "Security" heading in the top panel on the Web Host form. Please see Help topic, Web Host for details.

These encryption methods can also be applied when using Collect!'s Web Predictive Dialer. For details, please see Help topic, Web Predictive Dialer.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Upgrading Topics for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

tip.gif If you are upgrading from Version 11.2 build 17 or earlier, you must do a complete database upgrade to this version.

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