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New Features - 11-2 Build 15

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.2 Build 15. This latest version has some exciting new features, improved functionality and several enhancements to existing features.

Dynamic Attachments Enhanced

Collect! databases now ship with Dynamic Attachments enabled. A new hidden Subclass field on the Attachment form stores the dynamically set Attachment Type values. You can Browse Attachments and quickly see at a glance all relevant information. Class, Subclass and Description enable you to quickly locate and examine the information you need.

Please refer to Help topic, Dynamic Attachments, for details.

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Prevent Cascade When Closed

You can now prevent the cascading of data to group members where the account has a Closed Mode. This is a new switch in Account Matching Setup and the Group Member Setup.

Please refer to Help topic, Account Matching Setup, for details.

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Auto Log Out After Command

A new command line startup option, /x{mm}, enables you to cause a particular instance of Collect! to shut down after the number of idle minutes {mm} you specify. This overrides the global Auto Log Out After value set in Database Preferences, so you can set different values in the CV11 shortcut for each workstation or for different Collect! databases.

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Group Member Renumbering

A new utility in the Tools, Utilities menu enables you to tidy your Group Member numbering. When you run the utility, all Group Members in each group will be numbered sequentially, removing any gaps in the numbering that may have resulted from removing members from a group.

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Send Reports And Import Via FTP

You can now use the Send Database via FTP utility to send report and/or import databases to Technical Services. When the Report Libraries options is selected for file transfer, Collect! sends all report databases for the database you are in, including Web Host, and external report libraries as well. When you select Import Libraries, Collect! sends all the impex databases for the database you are in, including Web Host, and all alternate external import libraries.

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Professional Account Limits

Purchasing a Collect! Professional license enables you to select an account limit of 100K or 500K accounts. Each of your databases may contain active accounts up to the limit. You can archive old accounts to give yourself more room. This enables you to pick the Collect! license that fits your budget and your business operation. As you grow, you can purchase a license for more accounts.

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You've Got Claims Import Library

Collect! now ships with a Youvegotclaims import library enabling you to update accounts with returned data from your Youvegotclaims reports. A sample file is included so that you can try out the import in your Demodb database.

Please refer to Help topic, You've Got Claims, for more information.

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Enhancements were made to Financials, Account Matching, Report Writer, Display and Handling, Import/Export and other areas.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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