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New Features - 11-2 Build 11

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.2 Build 11. This latest version has important new features and functionality and several enhancements to existing features.

New Collect! Splash Screen

When you first open Collect!, you will see our colorful new splash screen.

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Group ID

New field in Operator Security enables you to select an Operator from the list of all Operators. This provides user defined functionality for gathering Operators into groups of any size. This can be used for reporting, tracking and for commission calculations based on groups of operators you define.

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Next Contact Based On Filter

This new switch in the WIP Options form enables you to fine tune Schedule Next Contact functionality. Switch this ON to define the contacts Collect! considers as valid future contacts. With the switch set, Collect! will use the settings in the WIP Reload Filters to determine which types of pending contacts it will search for when you are finished working an account.

Please refer to Help topic, Schedule Next Contact for details.

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Schedule Next Contact Details

Whenever the Schedule Next Contact form displays, the title bar will now tell you what has prompted this form to display. This should clear up confusion that sometimes occurs when the user is not sure if they are scheduling a new contact or seeing a pending one.

Please refer to Help topic, Schedule Next Contact for details.

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Force Feed Contacts Sort Order

Three new choices in the WIP Options enable you to work your WIP List much more efficiently. By Priority will reload the WIP List in Priority order, from highest to lowest. By Date will reload the WIP List in Date order, from oldest to newest. By Default will reload the WIP List using Collect!'s default behavior.

These options are only available when you switch ON 'Force feed contacts'.

Please refer to Help topic, WIP Options, for more information.

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New Percentage Fields

Two new fields have been added to the Debtor Misc form. These are percentage fields where you can store a floating point value with up to 4 decimal places. These are user-defined fields that can be referenced in reports with @mi.p1 and @mi.p2.

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Tax And Commission Switches For Transactions

New hidden fields on the Transaction form enable you to directly access Tax and Commission Rate options in a report. The fields are @tr.cro for the Commission Rate switches and @tr.tro for the Tax Rate switches. You may need to REBUILD your Printable Information to access these fields.

Please refer to Help topic, Set Commission Rates and Tax Using @ EDIT - Transaction for more information.

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New Check Digit

You can now use any Check Digit report code with a new addition that performs the original Check Digit functionality while outputting only the Check Digit value. If the check digit is less than 10, it will be zero padded.

For example:<cd> outputs 18-77564 01<cdc> outputs 01<cd2097> outputs 18-77564 65<cd2097c> outputs 65

Please refer to Help topic, How To Generate a Check Digit for details.

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SMS Email

New printing features enable you to send SMS to email. You can send meeting reminders, payment notifications, and status reports to Clients, Debtors or Cosigners as mobile phone SMS (Short Message Service) text messages. And you can send a single message to both email and SMS text message recipients.

Please refer to Help topic, SMS Email Setup for details.

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Record Totals

This new utility in the Tools, Utilities menu, displays database record totals for Collect!'s record types. Client, Debtor, Transaction, Contact, Attachment, and Cosigner totals are displayed. If you run this utility when viewing archived debtors, you will see the archive database totals.

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Detect Operating System

A new entry has been added to the About Collect! screen. It displays the Operating System your computer is running. Collect!'s Technical Consulting team needs this information occasionally when assisting Collect! users. The O/S entry makes it very easy to tell at a glance exactly what system and service pack you are on.

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Enhancements were made to Display and Handling, Security, Task Scheduler, Licensing, Multi Currency, Print to Fax and other areas.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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