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New Features - 11-3 Build 5

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.3 Build 5. This latest version has many new features and functionality. There are also many optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Run Plan On Last Payment Date

When you create a payment plan schedule in Collect!, you can now trigger a contact plan to be run on the date of the last payment in the schedule. This is a highly effective way to manage your payment schedules. Collect! creates the Plan contact automatically when the payment plan schedule is created using the Payment Plan feature. It can also be triggered manually using the new LAST PAYMENT button on the Transaction form, if you are posting the payment schedule manually.

Please refer to Help topic, Run Plan on Last Payment Date, for details.

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Allow All Users To Delete

A new check box, "Allow all users to delete," has been added to the Contact Plan and Event forms. This lets users run contact plans that delete contacts, even if their user level does not allow contact deletion. This way, you can still lock down your users as needed, but free them up to run the plans you need them to run.

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Create Metafile

A new switch, "Create metafile," in the contact plan Event form enables you to control whether or not a METAFILE is created when you select " Print Now."

When a letter is printed via a "Print now" contact event with the "Create metafile" switch enabled, the METAFILE will be created and attached to the Letter contact, just as if the report had been printed manually.

This switch, "Create metafile," is visible only when you have switched ON "Print now."

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Disable Metafiles

This new switch in the Client Settings enables you to control saving METAFILES when letters are printed through Collect!. Ordinarily, when printing from the Debtor, or in a scheduled letter batch, Collect! creates and attaches a METAFILE to the Letter contact. The "Disable metafiles" switch enables you to control this at the Client level.

Please refer to Help topic, Client Settings, for details.

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Update Debtor Information

eBureau Setup now has three new check boxes, enabling you to control the information you want Collect! to update when you run the eBureau process. You can update all Debtor information, or any combination of Address, Phone and DOB, with the new switches.

Please refer to Help topic, eBureau Setup, for details.

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TCN Recorded Call Path

A new field, "Recorded call path," has been added to the TCN Setup form. If you are saving WAV files from your call campaigns, you can save them in a central location and open them directly from the Debtor's Phone contact. This works with the Call ID that Collect! stores when you process your call campaigns.

Please refer to Help topic, TCN Topics, for details.

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Automatic Client Update

Update CV11Client installs automatically with Collect!'s new " cvsync" feature. You can now set the new "Automatic client update" switch in Database Preferences to keep your CV11Client installs synchronized with your Server. After you update your Server CV11, the next time someone signs into a CV11Client install, they will be prompted to synchronize their workstation's CV11Client version with the Server version. Collect! copies all the necessary files to the workstation, easily and automatically updating the user's CV11Client install. If you have several workstations with CV11Client installs, this new feature will save you time and money, reducing your costs for on-site technical services.

Please refer to Help topic, Automatic Client Update, for details.

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Interoffice Transfers

Two new import maps were added to the transfer import library that ships with Collect!. You can use this import routine to easily transfer accounts from one office running Collect! to another. This routine handles duplicate File Numbers that may result from merging data.

Please refer to Help topic, Interoffice Transfers for details.

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New Add-Ons

Interoffice Transfers

A new import package is available from the Collect! Member Center. This package contains an XML import file and a Readme with instructions. You can use this import routine to easily transfer accounts from one office running Collect! to another. This routine handles duplicate File Numbers that may result from merging data.

This Add-On is available for CV11.2 and CV11.3 databases.

Download Interoffice Transfers

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Upgrading Topics for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

tip.gif If you are upgrading from Version 11.2 build 17 or earlier, you must do a complete database upgrade to this version.

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