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New Features - 11-3 Build 6

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.3 Build 6. This latest version has many new features and functionality. There are also many optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Advanced Sorting In Reports

You can now apply advanced sorting to loops and nested loops in reports with the new ORDERBY clause. You can display results in ascending or descending order. Any combination of fields in any combinations of sort orders can be used. ORDERBY can be used alone or in conjunction with WHERE clauses to give you the exact results you need for complex reporting requests.

Please refer to Help topic, Advanced Sorting in Reports.

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If Statements With Include

The @Include report writer command now supports IF statements. This enables you to use conditions for determining which include file to output when a report is printed. This is a very flexible solution for a variety of reporting requirements. You can print a different header file for each different clients' debtors, for instance. Or, print a block of text into a report based on other criteria, like Owing amount or any other value you want to evaluate.

Please refer to Help topic, How to Use @Include in Reports.

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Show Passwords

A new "Show passwords" switch in the Operator Security form enables you, as administrator, to easily unhide and view all Operator Passwords in your Collect! system. The "Show passwords" option is visible only to operators signed in as User Level 99. For security reasons, only User Level 99 operators can unhide and view Operator Passwords.

Please refer to Help topic, Operator Security, for details.

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Cascade Phone Deletions

Two new switches are available in the Account Matching Setup form, enabling you to cascade phone deletions. When "Cascade phones" is set as data to cascade across group members, deletions will be cascaded as well, when the new "Cascade phone deletions" switch is set.

The new "Prompt on phone deletes" switch warns the user if a group member's phone number is about to be overwritten with a blank. In any event, old phone numbers will be logged to debtors' notes.

Please refer to Help topic, Account Matching Setup for details.

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Update Debtor From Attachment

A new feature run from the Attachment form, Update Debtor, enables you to write directly to the Debtor, the Address, Phone and DOB information stored in Alternate Address attachments. These attachments are created automatically when eBureau submissions return address information. This feature lets you examine the returns before deciding what information you want to update. Old information is stored and may be restored instantly at any time. You can update any combination of Address and/or Phone and/or DOB. You can select the Phone field that you want to update.

Please refer to Help topic, Update Debtor.

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Ebureau Advanced Phone Updates

Four new settings have been added to the eBureau Setup form. These are used with the "Phone" check box to give you more options for writing Phone information to the Debtor form during eBureau processing. Using these settings, you can now tell Collect! to update the Home Phone field "Only if empty." Then, you can tell Collect! what Phone fields you want to try next. If no empty Phone fields are found, Collect! will write the new Phone number to the Debtor's Notes.

Please refer to Help topic, eBureau Setup for details.

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Dynamic CSV Import Indexing

This powerful new feature in the Import/Export module enables you to read CSV data input files more flexibly. You can easily parse complex CSV data files, pulling data from only the columns you need, without having to specify skipped columns in your CSV import map. You can also quickly change a previously created import map to pull data from different columns, without having to create a new map. Columns can be read more than once in each pass, if needed.

Please refer to Help topic, Dynamic CSV Import Indexing for details.

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Multi Character Field Delimiters

You can now specify multiple field delimiters in Collect!'s Import/Export Delimiter fields. Up to 7 characters may be stored, enabling you to specify multiple HEX codes and/or multiple ASCII codes simultaneously. This lets Collect! parse more complex data files where different delimiters are used to separate various data items.

Please refer to Help topic, Multi Character Field Delimiters.

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Batch Letters In Scheduler

You can now schedule your Daily Letter batches in Collect!'s Scheduler. When you configure a Print Batch Letters task, the Scheduler shows you the same screens you would see when setting the options manually for your Scheduled Batch Letters.

Please refer to Print Batch Letters in Scheduler for details.

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Letter Service In Scheduler

You can now schedule your Letter Service batches in Collect!'s Scheduler. When you configure a Letter Service task, the Scheduler takes you through several setup steps, similar to setting the options manually for your Scheduler Batch Letters to Letter Service.

There are some restrictions, so please refer to Help topic, Letter Service in Scheduler for details.

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Maintenance In Scheduler

You can now use Collect!'s Scheduler to run your maintenance functions off hours. The Scheduler automatically logs users off if necessary before beginning the maintenance routines.

Please refer to Database Maintenance in Scheduler for details.

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Delete Chain Utility

A new DeleteChain.bat utility enables you to run dbchain with safe parameters designed to prevent users from logging into Collect! while dbchain is running. As soon as dbchain finishes, users are enabled to log in again.

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New Add-Ons

Client Access Web Data Export

This new utility report enables you create a file that you can use to add and update account information to be placed on the Client Access Web portal. You can print or schedule this report to be printed from Collect! on a daily basis, and then follow the steps provided in the Client Access Web manual to transfer the resulting data file from Collect! to CAW. Instructional readme included.

Download CAW Data Export report

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Upgrading Topics for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

tip.gif If you are upgrading from Version 11.2 build 17 or earlier, you must do a complete database upgrade to this version.

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