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New Features - 11-2 Build 12

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.2 Build 12. This latest version has important new features and functionality and several enhancements to existing features.

New Collect! Icons

We've designed new Collect! Program folder and Desktop icons to go along with Collect!'s new splash screen.

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File Name With Date/Time Stamp

You can enter simply the extension, .csv or .rtf (without the asterisk!) in the Report Options File Name field and Collect! will assign a file name to your report when you print it. Collect adds an operator, date, time and increment stamp.

For example, OWN-20080305-115656-1.csv.

This is very useful when you schedule reports to print to file overnight using the Scheduler. Collect! will automatically increment the file names.

Please refer to Help topic, Report Options, for more information.

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Operator Group

The new Operator Group tab in the Operator form enables you to select up to sixteen Operators and to Enable Operator Group. When the operator signs into Collect!, they will see a customized list of Operators showing only the Operators you have set up in their group. This is very useful for enhancing security while allowing your operators a fuller range of functionality in their day to day operations.

Please refer to Help topic, Operator Group, for more information.

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Client Listed Date

This new field on the Client form is used to represent the date the Client was entered into your system. When you create a new client this field will be filled with the current date.

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Version Check

The Help menu has a new option that enables you to check your version of Collect! against the latest available on line. If there is an upgrade available, you will know right away. You can select the Upgrade Software option to download the latest.

Please refer to Help topic, Version Check for details.

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SMS Default Domain

You can now set a Default Domain Name when using the Email to SMS feature. This is very useful if you are using an SMS gateway. You can set the default address and Collect! will use this automatically whenever you print using SMS.

Please refer to SMS Email Setup for details.

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Enhancements were made to Display and Handling, WIP List, Contact Plans, Multi Currency and other areas.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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