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Introduction To Collect! Version 11

Welcome To Collect! Version 11.

If you are new to Collect! Version 11, you will notice many new features and functions in our latest Collect! system.

Collect! Version 11 increases efficiency and effectiveness, and offers a great number of useful new features. We hope you like what you see, and thank you in advance for any and all feedback.

Performance Advantages

Version 11 increases speed dramatically in many areas. View some comparisons listed below for common processing tasks. Try these yourself with your own data. You will be pleased to see the increase in speed and efficiency with Collect! Version 11.

FunctionVersion 8/10Version 11
Process 18000 automatic Plan contacts58 min. 12 min.
Letter Service with NCOA check - 18000 contacts68 min. 15 min.
Quick Print list to CSV file - 18000 lines20 min. 1 min.
Recalculate 220,000 Debtor Totals65 min. 10 min.
Recalculate 70 Client Totals (220,000 accounts)8 min. 3 min.
Your results may vary depending on your calculations and contact plans. However, you should still see a significant increase in speed of most batch processes.

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System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

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Preparing To Upgrade

To upgrade from Collect! Version 8 please refer to Help topic, Upgrading Your Collect! Version 8.

To upgrade from Collect! Version 10 please refer to Help topic, Upgrading Your Collect! Version10.

To upgrade from Collect! Version 11 please refer to Help topic, Upgrading Your Collect! Version 11.

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Upgrading To Version 11

Once you install Collect! Version 11, your upgrade can begin automatically with a single click. You can also wait until later and simply sign into your new version of Collect! to have a look around.

tip.gif Automated upgrading is implemented in Collect! Version and newer.

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Testing Version 11

It is recommended that you test your new version of Collect!. Use it to compare to your previous working Collect! system. There are many changes and new features. It may take a while to get used to them and you want to keep on working in the meantime. So planning to do a test run is always a good idea.

Here is a link to familiarize yourself with new features added to Collect!.

Collect! New Features - This is in an easy table format for quick reference.

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Give Us Feedback Please

As you examine your data and the new features in our latest release of Collect! Version 11, let us know how you are doing. We appreciate all feedback and look forward to working with you as you move into Collect! Version 11.

Thank you for using Collect!.


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