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Process Automatic Contacts

Any previously scheduled contacts (other than Letters) will be processed by choosing this function. To invoke this, either

Select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Batch Processing

OR choose Daily Administration from the Main Menu then select Batch Processes. Choose Batch Processing when the Daily Batch Processing menu is displayed.

Either way, you will be taken to the Batch Processing form. Switch ON Process Automatic Contacts previously scheduled.

Depending on the type of Contact event scheduled, different actions will be taken. For example, a Debtor's status will be changed if they have a Status Change Contact event in their Contact schedule, set for today's date.

The following events can be selected in the Process Automatic Contacts options.

tip.gif You can also process these events using Collect!'s Scheduler.

Activate Files

This event sets the Debtor's Mode to Active, regardless of its current Mode.

tip.gif This will process all accounts regardless of the current setting of the Mode when you want to set it to ACTIVE by processing Activate contacts.

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Commission Rates

With this function, set a fixed commission rate. Simply enter the percentage such as '33' or '12.5' into the description field when you create the Contact. It's very similar to the Edit Contact, however you don't have to specify a field name.

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Commission Rate Plans

Enter a Commission rate plan ID into the Description field when you create the Contact. The new rate plan will be used for any future transaction posted to this account.

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Post Transactions

This event lets you post a transaction to an account. The description field contains the ID of the transaction type. Please review transaction types for more information on what financial information can be posted. In particular, pay attention to the Use dollar amounts, Percent of principal and Percent of interest switches. Test them to see what happens.

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Run Contact Plans

This event causes another action plan to be invoked, just as if you had picked an action for the Debtor.

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Status Changes

When Collect! processes this event, the Debtor's status is changed to the status in the event's description field.

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Operator Assignments

This event changes the Operator assigned to the Debtor. The Operator assigned to the Contact is assigned to the Debtor and, any pending Contacts assigned to the previous Operator are reassigned to the new Operator.

If a delay is entered, the Operator is reassigned on the date the event is scheduled, when you run a batch process of scheduled contacts.

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This event changes the sales team assigned to the Debtor. The sales team assigned to the Contact is assigned to the Debtor.

If a delay is entered, the sales team is reassigned on the date the event is scheduled.

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Edit Debtor Fields

With this command, change any field on the main Debtor form. You need to type the field name = some value when you create the Contact. For example, the description would contain 'Summary = Test note' to have 'Test note' appear in the Debtor summary line; or, you could use 'POE = Fred's cleaners'

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Write Notes

When this event is processed, a note is written to the Debtor's notes.

This event writes one line of notes into the Debtor notes. Enter the text you want appear in the Debtor's notes into the event description field.

If a delay is entered, then the note will not be written to the Debtor's notes until the scheduled note is activated through Collect!'s batch contact processing. If you enter 0 Delay, the note will be written to the Debtor's notes immediately.

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Close Files

This event closes the Debtor and deletes any pending Contacts, unless the "Do not autodelete" switch is ON. In progress Promises and Transactions will be marked 'Completed'.

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