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New Features - 11-2 Build 14

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.2 Build 14. This latest version has some exciting new features, improved functionality and several enhancements to existing features.

Dynamic Attachments

A new control file and several pick lists available from the Member Center show you the Attachment form's impressive flexibility. Simply select a choice from the Class field's pick list and the Type pick list changes to give you choices relevant to the Class you've selected. Fields on the form change according to the Type you have selected. The new samples show you how to store many different types of details for insurance, assets, credit bureau pulls, court cases, skip tracing and more. You can modify the samples as needed for your own use.

Please refer to Help topic, Dynamic Attachments for details.

The new Dynamic Attachments sample can be downloaded from the Collect! Member Center with instructions for implementing it.

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Browse Attached Documents

A new choice in the Browse menu gives you quick access to any Client or Debtor data folder. Collect! stores attached documents in a folder with the Client or Debtor file number. You can easily access this folder when on any Client or Debtor by selecting Browse, Attached Documents.

Please refer to Help topic, Browse Menu for details.

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Validate Date Entry

This new switch in the Date Format form enables Collect! to check the validity of dates between 1971 and 2037 as they are entered into any Date field. The user will be prompted if Collect! cannot validate the date and they can revisit their entry and correct it.

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Disable Printing

This new switch in the Operator Detail gives you the ability to stop an operator from printing in Collect!. This feature can be used with Access Rights to enable the operator to perform the printing functions you need while eliminating the freedom to print whatever they want. This is very useful to restrict access to printing functions in Collect! while not hampering the operator from performing their normal functions that require printing.

Please refer to Help Topic, Operator Detail for more information.

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Browse For File Path

The new BROWSE button in Report Options enables you to navigate to a folder of your choice when creating reports printed to FILE. The Print Report form also has this BROWSE button for selecting or changing the file path when the report is printed. This new feature is very useful for power users who want to be able to send reports to several different stations or locations. You can easily navigate to the correct location and Collect! will conveniently fill in the complete path information for you, saving time and eliminating errors.

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Subject Line In Emails

The @SUBJECT command is a very handy report writer function for printing to EMAIL. It enables you to personalize the email's Subject. This makes it very easy for your email recipients to identify your important emails with a glance at their email Inbox. You can now insert database information in the Subject line, as well as text strings. This works when printing from a single account and also in your letter batches.

Please refer to Help topic, How to Add a Subject When Printing to Email for details.

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Control Key Macro

A new utility in the Tools, Utilities menu enables you to use a hot key combination to load and execute a previously recorded and saved macro. When you have enabled the hot key and specified a file, you can press Ctrl+F12 to load and execute the macro.

Please refer to Help topic, Control Key Macro for details.

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Web Host Interface

The Web Host has a fresh new look with updated graphics and colors. If you are already using a customized Web Host, you may still be able to utilize the great new look since it is accomplished mostly with the collect.css and a few new graphics.

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Send Help Page Feedback To Comtech

Each help page on our web site will now have a link enabling users to send feedback to Technical Services with an email. Your feedback is very important to us and will help us improve our documentation. Please select the link at the bottom of any help page to send comments and ideas to regarding the help page you are viewing.

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Enhancements were made to Display and Handling, Access Rights, and other areas.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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