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New Features - 11-3 Build 4

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.3 Build 4. This latest version has many new features and functionality. There are also many optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

Billing Tree Module

The Billing Tree Module enables you to process credit card and ACH payments electronically through Collect!'s Billing Tree connection. This is a full-featured solution for managing single and recurring payments made by credit card or by bank draft. External payments posted at the Billing Tree web site are also reconciled and posted within Collect!. Recurring scheduled payments are fully managed within Collect!'s promised payment system.

tip.gif The Billing Tree Module is an optional module available in Collect! Version and newer licensed in the United States. If you would like more information about licensing this module, please contact Administration at 250-391-0466 option 3.

Please see the Help topic, Billing Tree Module for details.

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Quick Search

The new Quick Search menu saves you several clicks whenever you need to bring up an account. This handy feature enables you to search your database right from the Main Menu. Enter a search term, just like you would in the Browse menu, Find By options. When you press ENTER on your keyboard, Collect! will return any records that match your criteria. If more than one possible match is found, Collect! will display a list for you to choose from.

Please see Help topic, Quick Search for details.

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Flex Screen

Collect!'s new " Flex Screen" feature expands the Collect! screen automatically to fit whatever monitor you are viewing. This feature detects the screen resolution automatically and Collect! stretches to the most appropriate size for the monitor. If desired, you can make additional adjustments manually, or return the screen to its native dimensions.

Please see Help topic, Flex Screen for details.

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Copy Operator Configuration

The Copy Operator Configuration feature enables you to set configuration by User Level rather than by individual operator. You can configure settings for a whole group of operators at once, if they all share the same User Level. This feature is especially useful for larger sites when you need to set or change WIP Options for many operators with the same User Level. It is also a very good way to ensure that you have assigned the settings you want to assign to every one of the operators.

Please see Help topic, Copy Operator Configuration for details.

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Field Level Editor Access

This new switch in Screen and Messages enables you to set access rights on a per field basis for Text Editor windows. Previously, you could not make files attached to Data fields truly Read Only without restricting Debtor Notes. Now you can set access rights individually for Notes, Contact Data and Attachment, Attachment File and other fields that use Collect!'s Text Editor to display contents. Assign an access level to the field and the Text Editor will have the same access level for that field.

Please refer to Help topic, Changing a Field to Read Only for more information.

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A new switch in Operator Detail enables you to use softphone for your auto dialed calls in Collect!. You can use whatever softphone handler you choose. Simply specify the protocol prefix in the Note 2 field in the Operator Detail, switch ON "Use softphone for dialer", and Collect! will send your calls to softphone.

Please refer to Help topic, Softphone for more information.

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Do Not Run On Closed Debtors

This new switch on the Contact Plan form enables you to prevent the contact plan from running on any debtor with Mode CLOSED. When Closed debtors are encountered in a batch process running this contact plan, they will be skipped and the file numbers will be logged to the Collect! Application Log.

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Print Summary On Last Page

This new switch in Batch Letter Options enables you to print the letter batch summary to the printer as the last page of your batch printing. This option outputs to the printer the same information that you see in the summary screen when your letter batch has completed. Any letters skipped in the batch are logged to Collect!'s Application Log.

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View Client Button

This new button on the Debtor form enables you to open the Client form for this Debtor's client. This enables you to quickly view the client's information with a single click.

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EFT Notices

Four new reports in Collect!'s Report Samples enable you to comply with Fair Debt Collection requirements for electronic fund transfers. Letters are available for authorizing credit card debits or bank account withdrawals. Notification letters are available to comply with the requirement to notify the Debtor prior to each pre-authorized credit card debit or bank account withdrawal.

These letters are set up to work with the Billing Tree Module. They pull information from the Debtor Detail, Cosigner and Promise Contact. You can use the letters without the Billing Tree module as long as you set up the account information needed by the reports.

Sample EFT Notices

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A new TCN import map is included in Collect! to implement TCN's call recording features. This enables you to store the filename for the WAV file created when each call was made. The Phone contact created during the TCN Download process will now display the WAV filename in the Attachment field of the Contact. You can play this recording from the Contact, depending on how you store the WAV files you receive from TCN.

This import map is also available from the Member Center.

Download TCN Call ID Import

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Upgrading Topics for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

tip.gif If you are upgrading from Version 11.2 build 17 or earlier, you must do a complete database upgrade to this version.

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