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New Features - 11-2 Build 16

Welcome to Collect! Version 11.2 Build 16. This latest version has some exciting new features, improved functionality and several enhancements to existing features.


Collect!'s new ODBC Sync extension module empowers you to interface with any third party ODBC compliant application. Commit on-the-spot Updates, Inserts and Deletes to your other application from within Collect!. All the functions of Collect!'s comprehensive contact plan management system may be used to trigger events. You can synchronize with one or several third party applications. Collect!'s ODBC Sync requires Open Database Connectivity capability with Version 3.x ODBC drivers.

Please refer to Help topic, ODBC Sync for details.

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ODBC Event Type

A new Event type, ODBC, has been created for the ODBC Sync feature. This contact type is only used when you have the ODBC Sync extension module. You can commit Updates, Deletes and Inserts to a third party ODBC compliant application by means of this new contact type and configuration files.

Please refer to Help topic, ODBC Sync for details.

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This is an SQL script for ODBC users of CV11 prior to version 11.2 build 12. You can use to this script to enable the indexes in your databases. This will speed up SQL queries when using WHERE clauses. There is also a Readme included in the package which may be downloaded from the Member Center.

Visit our Member Center for Script Download

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Enable ODBC Debug Logging

This new switch in Screen and Messages is used only with the new ODBC Sync feature. When this switch is ON, Collect! will generate an "odbcsync.log" with very specific information about Collect!'s attempts to connect to your third party data source. It also includes the exact SQL command with details for each account.

Please refer to Help topic, ODBC Sync for details.

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Collector's Pledge

A new install option enables you to select the Collector's Pledge splash screen that ships with Collect!. This is the ACA International Collector's Pledge. It is displayed on a fresh new background with Collect!'s latest splash screen design.

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Download Add-Ons

New sample Pick Lists, Control Files, Contact Plans, and Scripts are available for Members to download. Visit the new Add-ons drop-down menu on our Member Center! This page will enable users to download many useful add-ons, such as custom pick lists, control files, contact plans and SQL scripts (for our ODBC users). We will also offer comprehensive solutions using a combination of these items. Some examples in our scenario packages are creating dynamic attachments, or managing post-dated checks for direct debit, with contact plans, transactions and letters.

Visit our Add-Ons page now

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Select Posted Or Payment Date

The Operator Analysis and Transaction Analysis reports have been enhanced. When prompted to select a Date Range for transactions to be included in the report, you can now also specify Posted Date or Payment Date to use for the Date filter.

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Set Commission And Tax Rates And Switches

New hidden fields on the Client form enable you to directly access Tax and Commission Rates and Options. You can set the values in reports or imports and read them in reports. The printable information codes are @cl.cra, @cl.cr1, @cl.cr2 and @cl.cr3 for the Commission Rates and, @cl.tr1, @cl.tr2 and @cl.tr3 for the Tax Rates. The Commission Rate Options may be set or read using @cl.cro and the Tax Rate Options may be set or read using @cl.tro. You will need to REBUILD your Printable Information to access these fields.

Please refer to Help topic, Set Commission Rates and Tax Using @EDIT for more information.

During an import, Client's commission and tax rates and options may be set using the new Commission Rate and Commission Rate Options field specifications and the Tax Rate and Tax Rate Options field specifications.

Please refer to Help topic, Set Commission Rates and Tax During Import for more information.

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Reassign Contacts For Group Debtors

This new report shipped with the Demodb may be used to reassign contacts for all group members. The report stores the Operator ID for Group Member 1 and assigns this to all In Progress contacts for other members in the group.

You can also download this report from the Member Center main page. Look in the right hand column.

Visit our Member Center to download Reassign Contacts report.

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Post-Dated Checks

The Post-Dated Checks package contains reports, contact plans and setup tips for implementing an automated solution for managing promises to pay combined with pre-authorized account debits. A PDF tutorial is also included in the package which may be downloaded from the Member Center.

Refer to Help topic How To Manage Post-Dated Checks for details.

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CBR Pull Sample

Collect!'s Import/Export module enables you to process credit reports or other query results from external agencies. You can attach this information to the appropriate Debtor account and have it instantly available for reference.

Download the new CBR Pull Sample package from the Collect! Member Center. The package contains sample import maps and sample files, in each bureau's format, and a PDF tutorial.

***This sample works with CV11.2 Build 15 and newer.***

Download CBR Pull Sample

Please refer to Help topic, How To Attach Credit Reports To Debtor Accounts for details.

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Report Samples

Two new reports are available for download from the Member Center Sample Reports site.

Operator and Client Accounts Summary

This report shows a list of operators and a running total of their accounts. Each Client#/Name with Active or Closed accounts is listed with total Active/Closed accounts. Grand Totals for all clients are displayed. This report excludes operators and clients with no Active or Closed accounts.

Download the Operator and Client Accounts Summary report

States Excluded Call List

This report creates a list of debtors to be called using values in the report as states to be excluded. The report prompts for Status Code, Owing and Listed Dates. Excluded states list may be modified as needed. This report prints to spreadsheet.

Download the States Excluded Call List report

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Enhancements were made to Display and Handling, Report Samples and other areas.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to Introduction To Collect! Version 11 for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

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