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Web Host Topics

Web-based data access is a viable and cost-effective business solution for many collection agencies. Collect!'s Web Host provides an ideal gateway for accessing your data over the Internet. Useful for secure client and off-site employee remote access. Contact Administration at 250-391-0466 option 3 for pricing and licensing information.

Getting Started

Web Host Introduction
Acquaints you with the features and functions of Collect!'s Web Host.

Web Host Quick Setup
It's easy to start using the Web Host. Just follow a few simple guidelines in this document.

Web Host Setup And Testing
Describes how Collect! can be set up in your office to work as a simple web server while you maintain control over your data. Many topics are covered in this document, including setting up operators, testing security, Collect!'s HTML folder, server/client arrangements, MIME type support and others.

Web Host Processes - Report And Import
Explains the two processes Web Host uses to display information to users and submit information to the database.

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Collect! In Web Host Mode

Web Host
Acquaints you with the Web Host interface used by Collect!

HTTP Request Log
Explains the HTTP Request Log form used for logging user requests from the browser and Web Host responses to those requests.

Web Host License
This document explains how Collect!'s licensing scheme works with Web Host.

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Using Web Host

Working With Web Host Samples
Link to Collect!'s fully functional sample Web Host online and try out the Web Host.

Working An Account Via Web Host
Lists three ways to work accounts in Web Host with tips for using the available operations.

Web Host Attachments
Viewing attachments in the Web Host, including attached files, images and videos.

Running Contact Plans With Web Host
Collect!'s Web Host enables the Web operator to schedule contacts and contact plans to be processed through Collect! using batch processing.

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Web Host Operations

How To Add A User To Web Host
This walk-through will show you how to set up a new user, a client or a legal operator, so that they may access the Web Host through the browser.

Adding A User Level To Web Host
This walk-through will show you how to add a new User Level to the Web Host.

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Modifying Web Host

Modifying The Web Host
Acquaints you with the customizing Web Host and contains links to detailed examples.

Editing A Debtor In Web Host
Control who is able to make changes to a debtor's information.

Editing Web Host Content
Basic tips that apply to all modifications.

Scheduling Letters With Web Host
By default, four letters are set up to be scheduled from the Web Host. If you want to change this, or add additional letters, steps are given.

How To Print Letters Directly From Web Host
Your Web Operators can print letters via Web Host, just as if they were in your office. You control the selection of letters available for printing.

How To Set Up Printing Letters Via Web Host
If you are currently using a version of Web Host that does not have Print Letters Via Web Host already included, you can add this handy feature with a few simple steps outlined in this topic.

Modifying Web Host Message HTML Pages
You can modify the messages displayed to the end user for 400 and 500 series web host errors. Create your own custom page to override the defaults shipped with Web Host. One very useful application of this would be to redirect your users to another site or page.

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Web Host Security

SSL Keys And Certs
If you are using a third party security tool for secure Internet access, you can create your keys and certificate requests right in Collect!

Windows XP Firewall
Set up Windows XP to allow Web Host to operate as a server on your computer.

Trusted Hosts
Limit access to the Web Host to only the IP addresses listed in the Trusted Hosts form. This feature may be combined with the /W3 switch to bypass system password authentication. This is useful for real time updates to the system when using Web Predictive Dialer.

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Using Web Host With Devices

Wireless Application Protocol
Collect! Web Host may be accessed using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) in those locales where WAP is still in use. This document gives you details.

Personal Digital Assistant
Web Host supports PDA devices. Search for Name, Phone and File Number and load your WIP list using a PDA device.

Web Predictive Dialer
This special Web Host mode enables you to listen for HTTP requests sent to your Predictive Dialer..

Web Host Auto Dial
Set up a Web Dialer Operator and use your browser to wait for calls from a Predictive Dialer.

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Administration Topics

How To Move Web Host HTML Files
This document gives you the steps to copy or move an existing HTML folder into another database.

Upgrade Web Host
This document gives you the steps to update your Web Host after you have upgraded your database.

Troubleshooting Web Host
Gives tips for solving issues that may appear when you try to use Web Host.

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