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How To Move Web Host HTML Files

The Web Host uses files stored in the HTML folder of your Collect! database directory. Certain files are installed as part of the normal Collect! installation procedure. Additional files created while using the Web Host are stored in this folder as well. Each database that you intend to access using the Web Host needs a complete HTML folder.

This document gives you the steps to copy or move an existing HTML folder into another database. For example, to create an HTML folder in the MASTERDB database, you would do the following.

1. Open Windows Explorer, or My Computer, and navigate to the CV11 folder.

2. Open the MASTERDB folder and locate the HTML subfolder. If it exists, rename it from CV11\masterdb\html to CV11\masterdb\html_old.

3. Open the DEMODB folder and locate the HTML subfolder. Highlight the HTML subfolder and Right click it. Choose Copy. Return to the MASTERDB folder and Right click again. Choose paste, thus copying the demodb\html folder to the MASTERDB folder.

4. Open the CV11\masterdb\html_OLD\db folder and locate the two files with the *.uid extension. These files are specific to the database that the HTML folder is in. Copy these two files to the CV11\masterdb\html\db folder.

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