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Adding A User Level To Web Host

This topic explains the steps for adding a User Level to the Web Host so that operators with the User Level may be authorized to use the Web Host.

Each Web Host user is assigned a User Level, just as they are in Collect!. The HTML\USER folder contains all the pages that interact with your operators. Under the USER folder, you will see numbered folders. These correspond to the User Levels in Collect! assigned to your operators and clients.

If the user level you are assigning does not have a folder in the HTML\USER folder, then Collect! will prompt you to select an existing web user folder as a template. Collect! automatically creates a folder for you for the new user level assigned to the operator.

When you put a check mark in the box labeled Allow browser signon in the Operator form, Collect! looks in the HTML\USER folder. If there is no folder for the operator's User Level, Collect! prompts you to create a new User Level.

Prompt to Create Web Host User Level

Type in the number of the User Level you want to use as template for the new level.

Using Level 10 as Template

Collect! copies all files and settings to the new level.

New Web Host User Level Created

and creates the folder.

New Folder for User Level 20

At this point, all the files in the 20 folder are identical to those in the 10. So, operators with User Level 20 will have the same access rights and Web Host functionality as your User Level 10 operators.

tip.gif The User Level you enter must exist in your HTML\USER folder. If it does not, Collect! will prompt you to create your own.

Invalid User Level Specified.

User Levels In Web Host

Collect! Web Host ships with folders for all the User Levels set up in Collect! except User Level 99 (for security reasons). These are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 , 60, 61, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 97 and 98.

In Web Host, these levels behave as follows:

  • User Levels 20 and 30 have the same functionality as Level 10 (OWN) pages.
  • User Levels 40, 50, and 70 have the same functionality as Level 60 (JC) pages.
  • Level 61 is a level that is used with web-based Auto Dialers. It has the same functionality as Level 60 (JC).
  • User Level 80 has the same functionality as Level 85 (ACT) pages.
  • Level 95 has been added for Legal pages. Please see adding a Legal operator further on in this topic.
  • Level 97 is for a Client Group with functionality that is similar to Level 98 (CL1) pages.
  • Level 98 is a Guest level used for Client.

You may copy any of these User Level folders to your working database HTML\USER folder or use let Collect! create a folder for you as described above.

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