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Web Host Quick Setup

When you install Collect! on your computer, or server, you will see a blue Collect! icon placed on the Desktop and in the Start Menu/Programs. This is Collect!'s Web Host icon with settings that open Collect! in Web Host mode.

tip.gif By default, the Web Host server is set up to listen on Port 80 for requests. If there is already a program using this port, please close it temporarily.

To run the Web Host, select the Collect! Web Host icon. This will open Collect! and you will see the Collect! splash screen. Enter Operator ID WEB and Password WEB. You will see the Welcome To Collect! screen. Select Demonstration Database as the database to open. You should see 'DEMODB' displayed in the box labeled Database To Open.

Select the Start button. You will see the HTTP Request Log. Collect! is now operating as a server. Details of all requests will be displayed in this HTTP Request log.

Open your web browser. In the Address bar, type in localhost and hit Enter. The Web Host home page should come up showing you several default operator IDs that you can use to sign on.

Please sign in as each operator type to see the different pages each one of these security levels can access. Each sample operator provided has different functionality.

When setting up your own operators, set them up the same as the default Web Host users, but with different user IDs and Passwords. Any new operator that you allow to access the Web Host, must be given one of the user levels that the default Web Host operators are using. These are levels that have been set up for you in the html folder of Collect!. The user level will determine which folder's pages are displayed to the operator.

tip.gif If a folder does not exist for the user level you are assigning to your new web operator, then Collect! will prompt you to use an existing html\user folder as the template for the new level.

Every operator using the Web Host must have 'Allow Browser Sign On' checked in the Operator form. If you are setting up a Client operator, pay particular attention to selecting Client as the Operator Type and providing the correct Client Number from the Client record in Collect!. We recommend giving the client a user level of 98 (Guest), unless you are sure that you want them to have access to more functions.

The Web Host is now working on the machine where Collect! is installed. You can also sign into the Web Host from other computers in your local network. Open the Internet browser on another machine. In the browser's address bar, enter the IP address or computer name of the computer running the Web Host.

If you are a single user of Collect!, two users can access the Web Host this way. For more information please refer to Web Host License.

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