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Web Host Auto Dial

You can automatically retrieve information through Web Host using a Predictive Dialer. Within the traditional Collect! interface, your operators can wait for calls using Predictive Dialer. In a similar way, Web Host may be set up to wait for calls.

This requires that you have confirmed that your predictive dialer provider can communicate with your browser and send URL requests to it. Also, you must have the predictive dialer module in Collect! and the Auto Dialer Web Host reports referred to in this document.

tip.gif If you do not have the reports in your Web Host report library, please request them from Technical Services.

To set up web dialing through the Collect! Web Host,

  • Set up the Web Dialer Operator.
  • Give the appropriate Request String to your predictive dialer provider to use when sending requests to the Web Host.

Set Up Web Dialer Operator

In Collect!, a Web Dialer Operator must be created. A sample exists in the Demonstration database and a sample folder is provided in the Demodb HTML folder for User Level 61, the Web Dialer Operator User Level.

1. Operator must be set up for web access and set to User Level 61. In the Operator form, switch on 'Allow browser signon' and select User Level 61. If you do not have this level in your User Level list you may copy your User Level 60 and change the Code to 61 and the Description to Web Dialer Operator.

2. Web Predictive Dialer interface uses two reports that are in the Web Host report list, or they may be imported into your database.


When the operator signs into Web Host, it waits for a URL call from the dialer. You must have previously given the Predictive Dialer provider one of the following request strings.

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Request Strings

Three sample request strings are shown below to search for an account by Home Phone, Address or Debtor File Number. You must have previously given the Predictive Dialer provider one of these strings, so that they can use it to pass a request to the Web Host.

To Retrieve Home Phone:

http://{Browser IP Address}/report?reportname=

To Retrieve Address:

http://{Browser IP Address}/report?reportname=

To Retrieve File Number:

http://{Browser IP Address}/report?reportname=

Depending on which of the above is used, the AutoDialDebtorDrillDownDetails report must be modified. Currently it is set to use Home Phone.

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Real Time Updates

You may enter results of your call campaigns directly into the system via the Web Host using properly formatted XML. The Web Host instance must be started with the /W3 command line startup option for this to work. This may also be combined with Trusted Hosts available through the System menu, Network and Environment option.

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Automatically retrieve information through Web Host using a Predictive Dialer. A Web Dialer Operator may be set up to wait for calls using your internet browser. Provided that your Predictive Dialer is able to communicate with your browser, they can use a specially formatted request string to retrieve data from the database.

Samples are shown for Home Phone, Address and Debtor File Number. The request strings work with the AutoDialDebtorDrillDownDetails report. This report may be modified as needed.

When the Web Dialer Operator signs into the Web Host, Web Host will wait for a call from the Predictive Dialer. When a call is passed, Web Host will display the debtor's account.

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