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Personal Digital Assistant

Collect! Web Host supports PDA devices. You can search by Name, Phone and File Number, and you can load your WIP list. When a device connects to Web Host, it determines if it is a PDA and instead of using the file index.html, Web Host redirects the user to pdaloindex.html. A small set of pda reports and pda*.html files ship with the Collect! Web Host.

Technical Notes

tip.gif The PDA functionality has already been implemented in Collect! Web Host. The following details are included here in case you wish to implement or update this feature in an existing database.

1. PDA works with several reports and pda*.html files, as well as the pdalo.css file. For your convenience these files are shipped with Collect! in a file. You can find this file in the root of your Collect! application or request it from

2. Unzip the file into a folder.

3. To use the demonstration files please do the following:

a. Sign into the Web Host and import the PDA reports.

b. Copy the guest pdaoindex.html file into the html\guest folder.

c. Copy the user pdaoindex.html and pdaohelp.html files into the html\user folder.

d. Copy the global pdalo.css file into the html\global folder.

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