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Working With Web Host Samples

Please check out to view our sample Web Host.

The Web Host may be used as is, or its interface and functions can be customized to suit your needs. This requires understanding of HTML and designing reports and imports in Collect!

Web Host Display

The Web Host uses a combination of HTML and Collect!'s report writer to create pages that display in your browser. Reports have tremendous flexibility. You can pass variables to the query engine to affect the results that are displayed. Data can be written back to the database determined by conditions you set.

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Loading Data Into Collect! From The Web Host

Records are easily and seamlessly edited and added to the Collect! database from the Web Host using import routines. The features and methods of Collect!'s import module are used to create a very broad spectrum of possibilities.

tip.gif If you require changes to the interface and functionality of the Web Host, you may print out the page(s) and fax them to us with any additions, changes or deletions that you would like to see. We can help you alter the reports and imports to suit your needs.

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