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Running Contact Plans With Web Host

Collect!'s Web Host enables the Web Operator to schedule contacts and run contact plans. This is done by selecting the SUBMIT CONTACT tab on the CONTACTS page for the account, or on the WORKSHEET, if you came through a WIP List.

To run a contact plan, select PLAN for the Type field and then select the plan from the Description field.

tip.gif When you submit the plan, it will not run immediately as it would in Collect!. Rather, the plan is queued to be run from within Collect!.

Contact Plans scheduled from the Web Host are processed through Batch Processing. The Due Date is today. You may want to process the contacts, once a day or more, depending on the number that are being scheduled.

To process the contact plans:

From within Collect!, select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Batch Processing from the drop-down choices.

Make sure Process automatic contacts previously scheduled is dotted and select the NEXT button. Choose Selected contacts only and then check mark Run contact plans. Select the NEXT button. And finally, select START.

Collect! will process the contact plans and report on the number of plans that were run.

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