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Web Host Attachments

Attachments may be viewed in the Web Host when you are viewing account information. If you have attached a file to the attachment, the user can open the file, provided they have the appropriate program for viewing the file type.

There are a few steps to take care so that this is possible.

1. Make sure mimetypes.txt is present in the HTML folder. This file is read by Collect! Web Host and used to resolve file types.

2. Attached files must be located in the ATTACH folder of the database.

You may presently have your attached files located somewhere on the network or local computer.

For example:

\\server1\shared documents\legals\check.png
\\server1\shared documents\legals\legal.txt
C:\SHARED DOCUMENTS\spreadsheet.csv

To view these files from the Web Host, all of the attachment files and any subfolders should be copied or moved into the attach folder in your MASTERDB folder, that is, C:\CV11\data\attach.


tip.gif Make sure there is enough storage/disk space on the drive where Collect! is installed before transferring the images and their folders. Also, make sure you have enough storage space for future images, as this must be the location for any new images that you want to be accessible through the Web Host.

3. Modify the path in each attachment's file field so that it points to the new location. They need to be entered as shown below.

For example:


tip.gif When renaming the file paths in the attachment records, change one, then test it to make sure it works before doing a lot of them.

With this done, operators using the Web Host will be able to view files attached to accounts. Operators using Collect! normally will be able to view these files, as well.

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