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Update Debtor

The Attachments Tab provides you with the ability to store skip trace or alternate address information which you may have obtained from other sources such as directories, credit bureaus, or skip locate information providers. Data you receive may be manually entered or electronically imported into an Attachment with the Class "eBureau" and Type "Alternate Address". The benefit to using this window is that it contains an Update ( debtor) button which will automatically populate the main debtor screen with your data without your having to manually transfer the new information yourself.

Update Debtor form

There is also an Undo button which will swap the previously contained information back into the main debtor screen if the possible locate data turns out to be incorrect.

You will receive a pop-up window which will ask you to confirm the information your are about to update or undo from your debtor screen. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

tip.gif If the Address data is too long to display, you will see a truncated version of the address on screen. The Update feature does write the full address to the Debtor screen.

Debtor Information Updated Successfully

After you have successfully updated the Debtor, the original Address, Phone or DOB information in the Alternate Address attachment is READ ONLY as long as the Attachment Type is "Alternate Address."

Update Debtor Screen

Provided you have all your address fields Access Rights checked to " Log to notes", any address updates/swapping done with the Update and Undo buttons will also be written into the Notes history.

To ensure that "Log to notes" is switched On for the Address, Phone and DOB fields located on the main debtor screen, right-click on the field and choose Properties. If the check box beside the "Log to notes" option is blank, click into it to place a check mark in the box.

Log to Notes Enabled

Data written to your Notes will appear as follows:

Overwritten Information Stored in Debtor Notes

tip.gif The Debtor screen should show all the new information immediately. You can also click the RECALC button to refresh the screen.

If you have multiple Alternate Addresses stored in your Attachment tab, you can select a different Alternate Address from said list attachments and run the Update Debtor procedure again at any time.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can click the Undo button at any time to restore the last information stored on the main debtor screen.

After following the prompts, you will receive a pop-up confirming that your restore was completed successfully.

Debtor Information Restored Successfully

If you try to run Undo when there is no information to restore, you will receive a pop-up advising you of this.

No Data to Restore

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