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Setup Topics

These setup topics are listed here to make it easy to access them if you are viewing a different form in Collect!

Pressing F1 when you are on a form will bring up help and How To topics related to that particular screen or field.

Setting Up Collect!

How To Setup And Configure Collect!

How to Enter Your License

How to Setup Sending Email In Collect!

Setup Checklist

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Company Details

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Operators And Access Rights

How To Setup Operators

How To Setup The WIP List

How To Set Field Or Form Properties

How To Setup Auto Dialer

Copy Operator Configuration

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How To Setup Debtors

How To Setup Debtor Status Codes

How To Setup Account Matching

Group Member Setup

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How To Setup Client Settings

How to Setup Invoice Numbering

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How To Setup Reports And Letters

How To Setup Check And GCheck

Report Sample

Report Topics Index

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How To Setup Transaction Types

How to Setup Amortized Interest

Payment Posting Options

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Command Line Startup Options

How To Setup Sending Email in Collect!

Introduction To Additional Options Setup

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