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Batch Processing Topics

The following list is a collection of help topics that deal with routines for processing batches of accounts in Collect!. It is by no means exhaustive, but it should serve as an introduction to this most useful feature for automating procedures that you perform on a regular basis on sets of accounts.

Batch Processing
Explains the Batch Processing form and batch processing options and tells you how to access the Batch Processing form.

How To Use Batch Processing
Walks you through using the batch processing feature.

Process Automatic Contacts
Any previously scheduled contacts (other than Letters) may be processed with this option. This topics gives you the details.

How To Mark Contacts In Progress
Explains how to put a batch of Completed contacts back In Progress. Several methods are suggested.

How To Mark Contacts Completed
Explains how to mark a batch of In Progress contacts as Completed. Several methods are suggested.

Undo Completed Contacts
Completed contacts may be "re-activated" using this batch processing option. This topic tells you how.

Run Account Matching Batch
Explains what happens when you run the batch process to ' Group accounts together'.

Account Matching Using Batch Processing
This topic shows how to match a volume of accounts using a batch process that will compare a list of ( new) accounts to existing inventory and auto-group the target accounts to database inventory on the basis of the Account Matching Conditions defined in your Account Matching Setup window.

How To Batch Close Debtors By Status Code
Walks you through the steps to close a batch of debtors.

How To Batch Process Accounts After Importing
Helps you use the batch processing feature on accounts that have just been imported

How To Use Macros
Walks you through creating and running automated steps in Collect! for running repetitive processes quickly.

Assigning Accounts

How To Reassign Accounts To Operators
Explains how you would use the batch processing option 'Assign accounts to operators' to assign a different operator to a set of selected accounts.

Assign Accounts To A Client
Explains how you would use the batch processing option 'Assign accounts to a client' to assign a client to a set of selected accounts.

Account Toss - assign accounts to a team of operators
Walks you through assigning accounts to a team of operators using batch processing.

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Contact Plans

Batch Process Contact Plan
Steps through running a contact plan on a number of selected accounts.

Reassign Operator with Contact Plan
Explains how you can use a contact plan to change the Operator who owns a selection of accounts.

Run Contact Plan Batch
Explains what happens when you select the option ' Run contact plans' to run a contact plan on a set of selected accounts.

How To Batch Process Using Contact Plans
Explains using contact plans with batch processing.

How To Cancel Letters After Payment in Full
This topic indicates a method for canceling letters after an account is settled.

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Batch Letters

How To Batch Process Letters
Outlines the steps for batch processing letters.

Repeating A Letter With A Contact Plan
Explains creating a contact plan to repeat a letter on a monthly basis.

Using Contact Plans For Batch Letters
Gives you the steps for using contact plans to schedule your letter batch.

How To Batch Email Debtor Letters
Walks you through sending a batch of letters via email.

How To Send Email As HTML
Send reports to your clients by email. Reports with columns and tables are formatted nicely as HTML. Select clients to print to and print to email.

Troubleshooting Batch Printing
Helps you troubleshoot your batch printing processes.

Print Batch Letters in Scheduler
Explains how to use the Task Scheduler to automatically process your daily letter batch.

Print Batch Emails in Scheduler
Explains how to use the Task Scheduler to automatically process Email and SMS batches.

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Credit Bureau Reporting

Prepare Accounts For Reporting To Credit Bureaus
When you choose this option in your batch processing, accounts are prepared for credit bureau reporting. This topic explains the details.

How To Setup Batch Processing For Credit Bureau Reporting
Help you with the credit bureau reporting settings when you prepare a batch of accounts for reporting.

How To Turn Off Credit Bureau Reporting
Walks you through using batch processing to switch OFF credit bureau reporting on a set of selected accounts.

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Ebureau Module

The eBureau process in Collect! enables you to submit accounts to eBureau using batch processing functions. Work your accounts profitably and efficiently with the wealth of valuable information returned from eBureau.

eBureau Module
This topic introduces the eBureau module.

eBureau Setup
This topic gives you the information you need to configure Collect! to connect successfully to eBureau's Server.

How to Submit Accounts to eBureau
This topic walks you through the steps to process a batch of accounts for eBureau and briefly discusses the results.

Update Debtor
This topic walks you using the Update Debtor feature to process alternate addresses from your eBureau submissions. You can examine Address, Phone and DOB information in the Alternate Address attachment and use Update Debtor to automatically write whatever information you need.

Also, refer to the Help Index for batch processing entries.

TCN Module

Collect! and TCN work together to enable you to deliver messages to any phone, any time. You complete your setup with TCN, select the accounts for your campaign and let TCN and Collect! take care of the rest.

TCN Topics
This page links to all the available topics for using Collect!'s batch processing to process your TCN call campaigns.

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